Painted Sticks Photo

Pinted Sticks Photo

This looks an original and fun project for the end of the school year.



Matter and Freezing Bubbles

A creative way to study matter when the temperatures outside are below freezing!


freezing bubbles

Modern Tin Art

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and I just found this interesting art project to incorporate while studying modern art. I’d love to try this with my students one day! Besides having a nice time creating these original pieces, the children and their families would also have beautiful artifacts to keep!

Follow this link for detailed directions:


Zoobooks and Concrete Poems!

Students made concrete poems as reflection pieces for Zoobooks. This was an extension activity accommodating a study guide correlated to appropriate grade level skills.

Have you ever read Zoobooks? They are GREAT!

The kids amaze me with their creativity! Here are examples of their concrete poems:

concrete batsconcrete butterflyconcrete cheetasconcrete hummingbirds2concrete lionconcrete owlconcrete snakesconcrete wolf

I Survived book series

As a Title I Reading Teacher in Central Wisconsin at Iola-Scandinavia Elementary School, I worked with groups of kindergarten through sixth grade students.

During literature discussion groups, the students used creative and critical thinking skills by reflecting on events and characters in each novel. As a reflection piece, each student created a poem (acrostic, concrete, found, etc.) as well as timelines sequencing events, maps, and summaries.

Below are some examples of students’ work:

CLICK HERE!!!  Shark_All

I survived shark attack poster

i survived the battle of gettysburg poster

Volcanoes Rock!!!

Third Grade:

Based on student interest, I decided to incorporate a volcano study into reading, writing, math, and social studies. This study involved making play dough; crafting the volcanoes out of the play dough by following written directions; completing interesting online tests designed by National Geographic for Kids; gathering facts from informational texts; measuring the ingredients and erupting the volcanoes recording results in writing journals and on a poster for display.

Quiz Your Noodle – Volcanoes:


Free Online Books:

volcanoes poster a

Multiplication Facts

Learning multiplication facts is a big part of third grade Math. In order to make this seemingly daunting task more fun and hands-on, the students created interactive posters to test their knowledge. In addition to posters, the students played many multiplication games when time allotted. Multiplication War was the favorite by most students!

Games and activities were differentiated based on the individual needs of each student.

I’m convinced that student created presentation boards are the way to go! In fact, during parent teacher conferences, the students initiated showing their families the creations displayed throughout the classrooms.

multiplication poster 2smultiplication poster 5s